The band

Copyright – Wim Robben 2020

The Beat Goes On consists of six band members.
Let’s introduce them from left to right:
Jackie – lead vocals
Arwin – drums
Huub – guitar
Hendrik – bass guitar
Pally – keyboards
Tobias – guitar and vocals

It more or less started in 2009.

In 2009 Huub gets his first electric guitar an Ibanez s420.
In 2010 Tobias starts with guitar lessons on an acoustic steel string guitar.
In 2010 Huub buys his Mexican Fender black stratocaster in december.
In 2011 Tobias buys his first electric guitar a fiesta red Squier stratocaster.

After a year of lessons and small jam sessions at home it all speeds up.
The idea of setting up a band grows stronger.
Just for playing out loud (really loud) we occaisionally hire a practise room. We get our kicks and the neighbours stay friendly.

In 2012 Harmen, a friend of Tobias, joins the group in August as the drummer.
In 2013 Hendrik, a friend of Huub’s employer, picks up his bass guiter afer many years.
In 2014 Adrienne, a passionate lady, joins the group in January for leading vocals.
In 2014 Pally, a friend of Hendrik, completes the band in September with the keyboard.

Shortly after the completion of the group “The Beat Goes On” is chosen as the band’s name.
In 2015 the first gigs are a fact.

In 2016 Harmen steps out TBGO.
A week later Ron Tijmensen starts as the “temporary” drummer and bandcoach.

In 2017 Adrienne annouces to pick up dancing again and leaves the band in October.
The band starts audition in November in search for a lead singer.
In 2018 Jackie, a friend of Tobias’ wife, enforces the band with her steady voice.

I’m the music
I’m the melody, the guitars and the drums.

I’m the words and the voice roaring them in my ear.
I’m the story and the rage it sings of.

I will drown in the sound, wishing it to never stop.
I am the music.
And NO, I will never turn it down.

The loud music poem by Snarff

Ron Tijmensen – 2019

Thanks buddy for all you did for us.
And we won’t forget your patience.